Cetti's warbler

Cettia cetti

Photo by Jorge Silva (Verdes Ecos

Common name:

Order Passeriformes
Family Sylviidae

This species is a resident breeder in the Mediterranean basin, being found from the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco to Turkey. They are found as far north as Belgium and The Netherlands.

The Cetti’s warbler is 13-14 cm long and has a wingspan of 17 cm. They weigh 12-15 g.

They are found in dense vegetation near marshes, lakes, swamps and slow rivers.

Cetti’s warblers feed primarily on insects and their larvae, but also spiders, small snails and other small mollusks, and occasionally plant seeds.
These birds breed in April-June. The female builds a small cup-shaped nest, placed on a reed or bush near water. There she lays 3-6 dark orange to reddish brown eggs, which she incubates alone for 13-17 days. The chicks are mostly fed by the female, although the male may occasionally also help. The chicks fledge 14-16 days after hatching. Each pair typically produces 2 broods per season.
IUCN status – LC (Least Concern)
This species has a very large breeding range and a global population of 5-20 million individuals. The population is suspected to be increasing due to a northward range expansion in the west of its range.

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