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Moustached puffbird

Malacoptila mystacalis

Photo by Julian Londono (Wikipedia)

Common name:
moustached puffbird (en); barbudo-de-bigodes (pt); tamatia à moustaches (fr); buco bigotudo (es); schnurrbart-faulvogel (de)

Order Galbuliformes
Family Bucconidae

This species is patchily distributed along the mountain ranges of western Colombia and northern Venezuela.

These birds are 20-23 cm long and weigh 47-50 g.

The moustached puffbird is mostly found in the undergrowth of moist tropical forests, also using dry tropical forests and second growths. they are present at altitudes of 350-2.100 m.

They possibly feed on large insects and small vertebrates.

Moustached puffbirds breed in February-September. They nest is holes excavated into earth banks. There is no further information regarding the reproduction of this species.

IUCN status – LC (Least Concern)
This species has a relatively large but fragmented breeding range. Although the global population size has not been quantified, this species is described as uncommon to fairly uncommon, but the population is suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence for any declines or substantial threats.

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