Yellowish-breasted racquet-tail

Yellowish-breasted racquet-tail
Prioniturus flavicans

Photo by Simon van der Meulen (Oriental Bird Images)

Common name:
yellowish-breasted racquet-tail (en); papagaio-de-raquetes-amarelado (pt); palette de Cassin (fr); lorito-momoto amarillento (es); flaggenschwanzpapagei (de)

Order Psittaciformes
Family Psittacidae

This species is endemic to Indonesia, only being found in the Minahasa Peninsula, in northern Sulawesi, and in nearby islands including the Togian Islands.

These birds are 37 cm long.

The yellowish-breasted racquet-tail is found in primary, lowland rainforests, from sea level up to an altitude of 1.000 m. Occasionally, they may also use stands of trees near the forest edge.

Although there is information on their diet, these birds are known to forage among flocks of fruit-eating birds.

Yellowish-breasted racquet-tails breed in December-March. They nest on cavities in the root balls of arboreal epiphytic ferns, where the female lays 3 eggs. The female incubates the eggs alone for 30-33 days while the male brings her food. The chicks are fed by both parents and fledge 44-48 days after hatching.

IUCN status – NT (Near-Threatened)
This species has a relatively large breeding range and the global population is estimated at 45.000 individuals. The population is suspected to have declined recently at a moderately rapid rate, owing to current rates of habitat destruction, degradation and fragmentation caused by deforestation.

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