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Can Bulldogs Stay Outside in the Cold?

A cold bulldog is a very pitiful sight. Imagine that little plump body out in the cold with it’s tiny freezing limbs. There’s a lot to know about what a bulldog can handle in regards to temperature. I’ve done some research to rule out the yes’s and no’s of bulldog temperatures.
Can bulldogs stay outside in the cold? No, bulldogs are not able to tolerate extreme temperatures. Anything below freezing is too cold. Keep in mind that wind chills can lower actual temperature readings. Bulldogs can be out in above freezing weather for about as long as fifteen minutes for a short walk without it harming them. 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature for a bulldog.
Along with not being able to support cold temperatures, Bulldogs have a hard time with extreme heat as well. They have thin coats and their noses are too small for them to breathe deeply enough for cooling them down or warming them up.

Temperature Control

Whether in hot or cold temperatures, a Bulldog needs a steady temperature to be safe and healthy. This is why they are so often owned as a house pet and not an outside one. In temperatures which are colder, you should bring your Bulldog inside. You might wonder how you can keep your dog warm. You might even wonder how to even tell whether your dog is cold or not.
A good way to tell whether your Bulldog is cold or not is by feeling their ears. If their ears are cold, they are probably struggling. Feeling the temperature of their body is another good way to tell whether they are too cold or not. If their body feels cold even though they have a blanket in their doghouse, you should probably bring them inside. If they are cold without a blanket, get them a blanket.
You could even buy a heated blanket for them to use if you cannot bring them inside. Putting them in the garage instead of the back porch is a good idea as well if you don’t want them sleeping inside. There are some great electric/heated blankets that you can buy on Amazon if you are looking for a good one to use for your Bulldog.
Note: Some dog owners or professionals do not advise using heated blankets for various reasons: dog’s claws can tear up wiring, get’s too hot and your animal will get burned, and it can be all around hazardous.
However, it is relatively safe to use a heated pad and blanket. Most of these pads and blankets have an automatic turn off when it gets to a certain temperature. Also, you can easily turn it off early if you are really worried about the heating pad getting too hot for your pet.
In higher temperatures, you need to make sure that your pet is not overheating. Bulldogs can die if they get overheated. Make sure they get enough water and bring them inside every once in a while to get out of the sun and cool off. I mean, dogs are pretty resilient creatures and everything, but every creature has its limits. Dogs are no exception to that rule.

Why Can’t Bulldogs Handle Extreme Temperatures?

Unlike other dogs, a bulldog’s snout is smaller and does not breathe the same way. Their snout is so small that the air does not pass through as easily. This is true as they get larger and older. Bulldogs are considered brachycephalic, this means that they have a relatively broad, short skull. Their nostrils are also very small and tight which doesn’t allow for much air to pass through them.
Because of their snout, a bulldog can’t adequately pant like other dogs. They can’t sit in a hot/cold car for long periods of time or be outside in extreme temperatures. They also don’t have a lot of stamina so they get exhausted easily. Bulldogs can get heatstroke so be aware of that. Bulldogs are high maintenance and require a lot of time and effort if they are to be cared for properly. If you are looking for a pet that you don’t have to do much caring for, a Bulldog would not be a good choice.
Having a dog is a fun thing for anybody, but if you can’t take care of your pet, it’s better not to have it. My mom would say just that. It’s one thing to have a dog and treat it kindly and correctly, but if you don’t know how to care for your pet you probably shouldn’t have one. My advice if you have never owned a Bulldog, get to know the ins and outs of the breed before you go out and purchase one. Bulldogs are good pets, but they have needs just like any other animal.
If you are wanting an animal which you can dote on and love like crazy…a Bulldog is a great choice for you! If you’re an experienced dog owner then you can ignore what I have to say and move on.

Will Dog Clothes Keep My Bulldog Warm Enough?

Dogs look so adorable in those coats people put them in, but you have to wonder if they are even necessary. I have often wondered why the heck people do that. I have found myself thinking, “Oh my gosh, seriously! Dogs are animals, they can take care of themselves. Let them run free and be wild.” I’m a little bit of a hippy when it comes to animals. As a child, my parents always let our dogs free, but I’ve since learned that letting your pets run too freely can actually be harmful to some breeds.
A coat is actually good for your pets that have thinner coats. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. If they have a thin coat, dog coats will help them handle the cold a little better. They still can’t be outside for too long, but it will help them last a little longer.
Important Note: Bulldogs can get frostbite, so dog shoes are also necessary. Not all Bulldogs will like to wear them, but they will keep them warm enough that they can’t last out in the cold without the kind of discomfort that will make their limbs fall off!
Dog coats can be purchased at any pet store. You can get some good ones online too. Amazon has some warm ones you could purchase that will do a good job of keeping your dog warm. For walking in winter, this is a great coat from Amazon to keep your sensitive fur friend warm.

Bulldog Health Issues

Extreme temperatures are not the only health issues Bulldogs can have. Bulldogs are rather sensitive and need a lot of attention as I mentioned earlier. They are prone to all sorts of issues with their nose and their trachea. They can catch hypothermia contrary to certain beliefs about dogs, and they can also get heatstroke. Bulldogs and all other dog breeds are not invincible! They may be man’s best friend, but the man won’t have a friend if they don’t take care of their friend.

Here are some ideas you can use to manage these issues:

Number 1: Keep their body temperature regulated– Just be aware that they can’t handle extreme temperatures. A good way to do this is by performing a simple test; if you’re too cold without a coat, they probably shouldn’t be outside for too long. If you are feeling dehydrated and it’s too hot for you to be outside, the same is probably true for your Bulldog.
Number 2: Be familiar with their healthy breathing- Because Bulldogs are brachycephalic, they are going to breathe differently. They will probably sound like they are struggling more than other dog breeds. They have to breath deeper because of their snout. Be familiar with how your breaths, that way if there is a change; for example, if they are breathing even heavier or not at all, you’ll be able to tell.
Interesting Fact: Bulldogs are at risk of their eyes actually popping out of their sockets if they are hit too hard in the head because they are brachycephalic.
Number 3: Buy equipment for the specific purpose of keeping your pet healthy- Make sure your dog has a nice warm and comfortable place to sleep in the winter and a nice cool place to sleep in the summer. If your Bulldog is not going to be inside, make sure they have a doghouse and a blanket to go inside. Make sure there is a way they can cool off as well.

Related Questions…

Can Bulldogs get heatstroke? Bulldogs can get heatstroke. They are extremely sensitive because they can’t pant as well as other dogs. Their snouts and nostrils are too small for them to get enough air through to cool themselves down.
Are Bulldogs good with kids? Bulldogs are great with kids. They are generally calm, patient, and resilient. Little kids that may be a little more rough with pets won’t hurt them because of their bulk.
Are Bulldogs actually mean? Contrary to popular belief and myth, Bulldogs are very even-tempered. They are only mean when they are treated poorly. They are some of the most docile breed of dogs out there and are actually great snugglers too.
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