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Ten Web Sites Where Chihuahua Lovers Gather

In This Chapter
  • Finding clubs for Chihuahua lovers
  • Gathering info on Chis and Chi breeders
  • Adopting a homeless Chi
  • Enjoying just-for-fun stuff for people and their dogs

The Internet is often called the “Information Superhighway” because you can find info about everything and anything while cruising along its wide lanes. But, like the gorgeous Alaska Highway, the Net can suddenly disintegrate into dirt and deep ruts, so you need to navigate with care and avoid some sites altogether. The problem is, people can say anything they please on the Net because they don’t have editors to make sure the info is useful or even correct. When I type the word Chihuahua into a search engine, I come up with 1,280,000 matches. Naturally, that figure changes daily. In this chapter, I present a few of my favorite sites to start you on your way. I’m sure you’ll find many more worthy sites as you cruise along, so keep on trucking (I mean, clicking!).

The Chihuahua Club of America

The Chihuahua Club of America ( is the national parent club for the Chihuahua breed under the American Kennel Club (AKC; see Chapter What’s Behind That Unique Chihuahua Look?). The site includes the breed’s official standard, breed rescue referral, and myriad helpful articles about topics such as puppy care and health. For added interest, you can read the club’s official statements on the molera (the soft spot on top of many Chihuahuas’ heads) and the use of the term “tea cup” when describing a Chihuahua’s size.


Traveling with your Chihuahua? Check out the CCA’s guidelines for staying in hotels/motels with your dog.

The American Kennel Club

Settle down and get ready to surf at the American Kennel Club’s site (AKC; Here you can find information on dogs in general, as well as Chihuahuas in particular. The site includes info on every one of the over 150 AKC-recognized breeds, help with AKC registration, downloadable forms, breeder referrals, breed rescue info, and upcoming events (including dog shows, obedience, and agility trials; see Chapter Training Your Chi for Canine Events, Tricks, and for Show). And that’s just the beginning:

– You can click on Customer Service for a wealth of help, including an advice column.

– If you have children, they’ll enjoy the fun facts and activities on the Kids Corner page, where Bailey the Beagle answers readers’ questions about dogs.

– Do you have animal-loving kids in high school? Teenagers planning a career that involves dog care will benefit from the For Juniors section, which includes scholarship info.

Truth is, after you click on the AKC site, you can spend several entertaining hours reading about purebred dogs and their activities. Have you ever seen a Spinone Italiano? No, it isn’t on the menu at the Olive Garden. Look it up at the AKC site — a fact-filled, fun place to learn about dogs.

Chihuahua FAQ

The Chihuahua FAQ site ( is written by Michele Welton, an obedience instructor and behavioral consultant. On the site, she answers frequently asked questions about buying, training, and living with a Chihuahua, as well as dogs in general. She also discusses Chihuahua rescue and has a Chihuahua blog where she discusses various topics about the breed at her own discretion.

Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, Inc.

Chihuahua Rescue and Transport (CRT; is a network of volunteers dedicated to the welfare and rescue of Chihuahuas in the United States. On the site, you can see photos and information about the Chihuahuas currently available for adoption. Besides rescue and adoption information, the site provides an online newsletter.
It’s also a super site for finding that special something to show off your favorite breed. Merchandise includes a Chi Gang Beach Party T-shirt, a Chi Pride T-shirt, tote bags, towels, and even Poppy’s Pouch — a beloved bed for many Chihuahuas. The profits help homeless Chis, too! Beware: When reading CRT’s rescue stories, be sure to have a box of tissues handy. You’ll need them. If you want to be a part of this caring group, read the site’s info on becoming a volunteer.

Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport

Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport (a sister organization to CRT; rescues, fosters, and provides veterinary care for homeless, abandoned, and abused Chihuahuas in Canada. Its site provides detailed profiles of dogs available for rescue, matches homeless Chis with carefully screened adoptive homes, and provides follow-up support for new owners. Educating the public about the Chi breed is a high priority. And for a good read, you can check out the heartwarming stories of successful rescues. If you want to help, the site provides info about becoming a volunteer; it also posts a link to CRT in the United States.


Remember when restaurant chain Taco Bell’s ads featured a sassy, talking Chihuahua? Well, her name is Gidget and she was a girl dog playing a boy dog! At the Everwonder site (, Gidget fans can view old Taco Bell commercials to their hearts’ content. Features on the site include audio and video clips of all your favorite ads, tales of Gidget and her body doubles on the set, and much more.

Looking for a good Chihuahua breeder? Go to, click Find Dog Breeders, and then click Chihuahua from the breed list. Now enter your zip code and click Fetch! The site will provide a list of the Chi breeders nearest you.
If you’re shopping for your first dog, read the information on the How to Find a Dog page. The authors of this site explain the differences between good and bad breeding practices, give you tips on selecting the right dog for you, and remind you that being listed on this site is no guarantee of quality. In other words, you need to check out potential breeders for yourself. But that’s okay. You can find out how to do that in Chapter Choosing Your Ideal Chihuahua.

Agility Ability

Discover the exciting sport of agility — including its history, a description of the obstacles, and some of the terrific dogs that have garnered great scores — at To see photos of Chihuahuas training for agility and of the few fearless Chis that have earned agility titles, click on Agility Chihuahuas. (For more on agility and other competition, see Chapter Training Your Chi for Canine Events, Tricks, and for Show.)

Chihuahua Savvy

At the Chihuahua Savvy site (, you’ll take a short course on Chihuahua puppy and adult care and training. You also can find info on the Chi personality and more, including breeder and rescue advice, tips, and a blog.

Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons

If you search for Chihuahuas in Wikipedia (, the free Internet encyclopedia, you’ll find a wealth of breed info, including temperament, health, and fame articles. It’s always a good idea to double-check anything of importance that you read at this site, though. You can also scroll down to the Wikimedia Commons box, click Chihuahuas, and get rewarded with plenty of lovely photos of your favorite breed!
by Jacqueline O’Neil
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