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Train Your Bulldog Not to Bite

Bulldog puppies experience teething during the ages of four to six months. During this time, your fur-baby will want to chew and bite on everything and everyone is sight. While it’s best for your pup to chew on toys that are suitable for fur-babies who are teething, your fur-baby needs to learn limits and that their human family is off limits for biting.
Bullies are playful and enjoy spending quality time playing with their human family. Even adult Bullies who haven’t learned how to play with their humans can bite. It’s wise to train your Bulldog not to bite from a young age, but if you have recently adopted an older or adult dog, you can also train them not to bite with these tips.
  • Yelp Loudly – When your pup or Bulldog of any age bites you, yelp loudly. A quick, sharp, loud yelp is best. It resembles the sound of that their litter mates would make during play time. Bulldogs learn social biting behavior from their litter mates and can learn from their human family too.
  • Praise for Good Responses – Once you yelp loudly, you will get the attention of your pup quickly. He will become so startled that he will release his grip and let go of you. Once he lets go of you, verbally praise him and pat him on the head.
  • Set the Limit – Every time you yelp and your pup bites you, he is learning what amount of pressure is ok to exhibit. With each yelp you provide, he will learn to lessen the strength of his bite until he realizes biting is not acceptable. While light biting during play time is natural for pups within a litter, he will realize that biting his human family is not a desired action.
  • Biting Toes and Pant Legs – Does your pup bite the bottom of your pants as you are walking in the house? Or nip at your toes? When this happens you will want to use the same yelp technique to get your point across. Immediately after you yelp, give a verbal command such as sit. Your pup will stop biting the bottom of your pant legs and will sit. Repeat this technique until your pup no longer nips and bites at your toes and pant legs.
  • Never Be Aggressive – Some pet parents may become angry when their pup bites them and inflicts pain. Yelling or punishing your pup is not recommended and can cause confusion to your Bulldog. Always react immediately with a quick yelp, but never yell or become aggressive. If you do, you are actually teaching your pup to not only bite, but to become aggressive while doing it.
Your Bulldog learns behavior from you, his human parents and family. You always want to exhibit calm and patient behavior on a daily basis. Use the yelp technique to teach your pup and only reward him for his good behavior. All Bullies learn at a different pace, so be patient and stay on track. Soon your adorable pup will be biting his toys instead of his human family.
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