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Apricot-breasted sunbird

Cinnyris buettikoferi

Photo by Craig Robson (Bird Quest)

Common name:
apricot-breasted sunbird (en); beija-flor-de-Sumba (pt); souimanga de Sumba (fr); suimanga de Sumba (es); Sumbanektarvogel (de)

Order Passeriformes
Family Nectariniidae

This species is endemic to the island of Sumba in southern Indonesia.

These birds are 10-11 cm long.

The apricot-breasted sunbird is found along the edges of tropical forests, in secondary forests, dry scrublands and arable land. They are present from sea level up to an altitude of 950 m.

They feed on nectar and small arthropods.

There is almost no available information on the reproduction of this species. They probably lay a clutch of 2 eggs which are incubated for 14-17 days.

IUCN status – LC (Least Concern)
This species has a relatively small breeding range but is considered very common. The population is suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence for any declines or substantial threats.

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