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Bulldog Exercise

Bullies from puppies to adults need regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Providing regular exercise for you Bulldog will help them control their weight and maintain muscle strength. Bullies are prone to hip and joint problems, so low impact exercise is highly recommended. Over exercising can lead to ailments that can affect them throughout their lifetime.
Bullies enjoy going on walks, but due to their short legs, weight and respiratory issues, its best to take them on short 10 minute walks on a daily basis. Allow them to explore the neighborhood and spend quality time walking along side of you. You can even make it a family event and have everyone join in on the fun.
Play in the Yard
Playing in the yard with toys or in the sprinklers on a warm summer day will provide exercise as well as play time for your fur-kid. Your entire family can join in on the fun by running around the yard playing with your adorable fur-kid.
Dog Parks
Dog parks are a great place to exercise your Bulldog. The parks usually have plenty of obstacle courses and objects to play on that provide your pup the opportunity to climb, run, jump and play with other dogs. It also provides social interaction with other dogs.
Play Fetch
Playing fetch will provide good exercise for your fur-kid. He will be running and resting in between fetching sessions. This exercise allows your pup to exercise in short spurts and helps you monitor his breathing and energy level each time he retrieves the object and brings it back to you.
Since regular, low impact exercise is highly recommended for Bulldogs, it’s best not to over exert your pup with strenuous exercise such as jogging or running for long periods of time. Always monitor your fur-kids breathing and energy level. Observe if he is panting or sitting down during play time.
As a preventative measure and to avoid heat stroke, always carry extra water for your pup to easily drink at anytime during the exercise session. If you think that your pup has over exerted himself or is experiencing sensitivity to the heat, stop the exercise activity immediately and allow him to rest in the shade or a cool place.
Bullies have a playful personality and enjoy running around playing and exercising. Some Bullies even enjoy jumping and playing in the cold snow. Be creative during the winter and allow your pup to briefly enjoy running around in the snow. If your pup doesn’t like cold weather or the snow, you can always find an indoor exercise routine. Treadmills are very successful at providing exercise for Bullies. Have your pup walk on the treadmill. Always watch your pup when he is on the treadmill, do not leave him alone. Playing some music and talking to your pup while he exercises will keep him from becoming bored.
Since Bullies have respiratory issues, its best to only allow your pup to exercise for 10 minutes a day. Some Bulldogs are living with ailments and exercise may be limited. Always consult a licensed veterinarian for advice on how long your pup should exercise on a daily basis.
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