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Bulldog Grooming

Most Bullies enjoy splashing around in water and therefore look forward to taking a bath. Their smooth, short coat requires grooming about four times a week. It’s wise to start a grooming routine when your fur-baby is young. Your goal is to keep their fur and skin shiny and healthy. During bathing, you will want to observe your fur-baby’s skin, wrinkles and tail for rough skin patches, flaky skin, infection, scabs, skin lesions and bare spots. You will also want to inspect between their toes for inflamed areas or cysts.
Choose a good quality dog shampoo. Some veterinarians will recommend a specific shampoo or you can choose from a wide variety at your local pet store. Begin by bathing your pup in lukewarm water, shampooing from top to bottom. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo off your fur-baby. Remember to pay special attention to their adorable wrinkles, carefully rinsing trapped shampoo from in between crevices. Remember to avoid getting water and shampoo in your fur-baby’s eyes and ears.
Bullies require regular brushing about three to five times a week to remove debris and dirt from their coat. Brushing activates natural oils in the skin resulting in a healthy, shiny coat. Use a soft bristle brush and sweep the brush with the grain and against the grain.
Bullies ears are sensitive and require a soft touch when cleaning. Gently clean your fur-baby’s ears with an ear cleaning solution. Your veterinarian may recommend using a special one best suited to your fur-baby’s needs or you can choose one from the local pet store. Use a warm wash cloth or cotton ball to clean your pup’s ears. Never use cotton swabs, the long stick can puncture or damage your pup’s inner ear. If you notice a dark wax like substance or odor coming from your pup’s ears it can be a sign of ear mites or infection. Contact your veterinarian immediately to resolve the condition.
Your beautiful little bundle of joy has the cutest little wrinkles that make him look more adorable every day. Make sure you care for them by giving them special attention. Use mild soap and lukewarm water to clean between the wrinkles. If wrinkles are deep set, you may have to pull up the skin to access in between. Gently clean the area and dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth. At times a powder such as a special medicated powder or cornstarch can be used to prevent infection developing. If this is a persistent issue, speak to the veterinarian for prescribed medication.
Many Bullies do not like to get their nails trimmed. You will want to get your pup used to having his paws touched from a young age. Frequently and gently touching his feet on a regular basis will help get him accustomed to the procedure. Bullies require nail trimming at least twice a month. Use special dog nail clippers to trim just to the curve of the nail above the quick. Be careful not to clip into the quick area, it is full of nerves and will cause pain and bleeding to the nail. It may also make your pup scared to have this procedure done again in the future. There are certain items on the market that help stop the bleeding and pain that are highly beneficial.
Grooming your fur-baby should become a regular routine and part of your pup’s lifestyle. If you are nervous about conducting grooming procedures on your own, you can always visit your local town groomer for further assistance. Veterinarian offices are also willing to do nail trimming and ear cleaning for a small fee.
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