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Eye Problems in Bulldogs

Bullies can experience a variety of eye problems, some are more noticeable than others. pet-parents will always want to pay close attention to their fur-baby’s eyes. Make a veterinarian appointment immediately if you notice any unusual redness, swelling or irritation. At times, it may be something minor, but it’s best to have it looked at by a licensed veterinarian. Seeking immediate attention can help reduce the risk of the condition getting worse.
Cherry Eye
This is a common eye issue for bulldogs. It usually appears early in life, but can develop at any time during your pooch’s lifetime. Cherry Eye is caused by an enlargement of the third eyelid. When it gets swollen, it emerges from the inside corner of the eye and resembles a pink cherry. The veterinarian will prescribe medication to help shrink the gland back to its normal size. If this method is not successful, surgery will be recommended. A veterinarian ophthalmologist will offer two options. The first option is to surgically remove the gland. The second choice will be to suture the gland back into place. Cherry Eye can lead to an increased chance of your fur-baby developing dry eyes in his future.
Dry Eyes
If your fur-baby has discharge and crust forming in his big beautiful eyes, he may be suffering from dry eyes. Keratoconjuntivitis Sicca, also known as dry eyes, is caused by the tear glands not producing enough tears. Tears naturally clear away pollutants and irritants from the eye. You fur-baby will show signs such as frequent blinking, redness and attempting to rub their eyes with their paw. Veterinarians commonly prescribe a topical treatment that stimulates tear production.
Does your fur-baby have adorable droopy eyelids? While droopy eyelids are very cute, they also can cause eye problems. Droopy lids can rotate downward, causing eyelashes to point inwards towards the eyeball. The direct contact of the eyelashes and the eyeball can cause tearing, irritation, infection and scarring. Veterinarians will usually perform a minor procedure to cure the problem. If the condition persists, the veterinarian will recommend another option that will benefit your pooch’s well being.
Brachycephalic Ocular Disease
Brachycephalic Ocular Disease is eye problems that are related the Bullies socket shape and head shape. Bullies who have extremely protruding eyeballs with shallow eye sockets, have more of a chance to experience impact trauma from objects, debris, other pets and people. Symptoms of Brachycephalic Ocular Disease includes excessive tear production, redness and dryness.
Corneal Ulcers
Since many Bulldogs have protruding eyeballs there are more susceptible to experiencing injury to their cornea than other dog breeds. If a corneal injury is left untreated it develops into an ulcer. Your fur-baby might show symptoms such as rubbing their eyes frequently and squinting. It’s wise to seek immediate medical attention at the first sign of symptoms. The veterinarian will treat minor ulcers medically, while more serious ulcers will require surgery in most cases.
While Bullies may experience any one or even all of these eye problems during their lifetime. Many fur-moms and dads insist that their fur-baby’s big, adorable eyes are one of their cutest and most expressive assets.
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