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House Training Your Bulldog

Bullies can be stubborn when it comes to training. But they are also highly intelligent and emotionally sensitive. You will want to begin house training your fur-baby from the first day he joins your family. There are helpful tips to use during your training sessions that you will find beneficial.
  • Designate a Relieving Area – You will want to find a section in your home where you can place a potty pad and have your pup relieve himself in the same spot every time. If you have a yard, you will want to designate a special area or corner for your pup to relieve himself. These areas are the place you will consistently guide your pup to when they are showing signs that they are going to relieve themselves.
  • Learn Your Pup’s Schedule – Bullies love to eat, make it a routine to guide your pup towards their designated relieving area about 10 to 15 minutes after they eat or drink water. This will prevent accidents from happening. Also observe your pup’s natural routine of when he relieves himself. As soon as he shows signs of sniffing around, circling and squatting, guide him to his relieving area quickly.
  • Always Reward – Every time your pup does the right thing, reward him with verbal praise and emotional affection. Make them feel proud of themselves for accomplishing a task well done. Rewarding will encourage your pup to repeat the same behavior.
  • Repeat – Continue to repeat the same steps until your pup is naturally guiding himself to the designated relieving area on his own.
Training your Bully may take time and patience to reach success. Remember to always be patient and kind to your fur-baby, even if he makes a big mistake. If you yell or try to punish your fur-baby for their mistake, they will be emotionally hurt and their behavior will change. Bullies love to please their pet-parents and human family, just give them time to understand what is required of them.
Yelling at your baby-Bully will only confuse him. He wants your attention, even its negative attention you are still granting their wish and rewarding them with attention. Ignoring their bad behavior and focusing on their job well done will give your fur-baby clear instructions of what is the right reaction and what is wrong. Bullies will only repeat behavior that is rewarded, so be sure to reward all of the positives.
Since Bullies tend to be stubborn and at times and take verbal commands as suggestions. If you find that your pup is taking months to understand the house rules, continue using the same technique listed above, but add a few things to the training. Explain to your pup what he is suppose to do, always take him to the same area and use short unique words in combination with guiding your pup to the designated area. Always remain calm and focused on the task of house training your pup. Don’t give up because your pup is a little stubborn, just stay on track and consistent with training. In addition, everyone human member of the family should be on the same page and guide your pup to the same designated area at all times. This will eliminate confusion and make the training process smoother and quicker.
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