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Ten Dachshund-Focused Books and Web Sites

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Looking for more Dachsie info? You’ve come to the right place! (Or at least the place that can take you to the right places.) Whether you want to delve further into training, learn more about adoption, find cool Dachshund photos, or collect children’s books about Dachshunds, you’ll find places to go and books to read in this chapter.

Ten Great Choices for Your Dachsie Bookshelf

Millions of dog books, so little time! Here are a few fun Dachshund books to add to your collection, if you have one (and if you don’t, why not start one right now?):

The Culture Clash, by Jean Donaldson (James & Kenneth Publishers). You’ll never look at training a dog the same way again. When you read this, you’ll keep saying, “Ohhhh! I get it!”

Don’t Shoot the Dog! The New Art of Teaching and Training, by Karen Pryor (Ringpress Books Ltd). Another really helpful book on dog training.

Dig In! Earthdog Training Made Easy, by Mario Migliorini (Howell Book House). Learn more about the sport of earthdog to help channel your Dachsie’s desire to dig.

Adopting a Pet For Dummies, by Eve Adamson (Wiley). Learn more about adopting dogs from shelters and pet rescue groups.

The Ugly Dachshund, by G.B. Stern (J.N. Townsend Publishing). This classic novel from 1938 is a Dachshund story . . . and a story about people, too.

Day of the Dachshund, by Jim Dratfield (Clarkson Potter). An adorable and beautiful book of artistic Dachshund photos.

Wiener Dog Art: A Far Side Collection, by Gary Larson (Time Warner Paperbacks). You’ll love these hilarious Dachshund-inspired art “reproductions.”

Albert, the Dog Who Liked to Ride in Taxis, by Cynthia Zarin (Atheneume). Indispensable for the city-dwelling toddler set.

Pretzel, by H.A. Rey and Margaret Rey (Houghton Mifflin). A classic children’s book from the authors of Curious George.

Gretchen The Bicycle Dog, by Anita Heyman (Dutton Juvenile). In this fascinating children’s book, a Dachshund ruptures a spinal disk and becomes paralyzed but is determined to stay moving. Her family buys her a cart and then she lives a happy life. This book would be great for kids in a family whose Dachshund has this problem.

Ten Wiener Web Sites to Keep You Busy

If you spend time online, here’s your chance to surf for Dachshund-relevant fun and information. You’ll find plenty of links here to Web sites all about dogs, training, dog activities, and, of course, the wonderful Dachshund himself. Surf’s up!

The American Kennel Club ( has quite a few sites of interest to Dachshund lovers. Have a good look around. You can find the Dachshund breed standard, information on rescue groups, information on Dachshund activities, and plenty of general dog information and news.

The Dachshund Club of America, Inc. (, is the AKC parent club for the breed. You can find a good breeder, get Dachsie information, and more.

Are you all about the Mini Dachshund? Check out the National Miniature Dachshund Club, Inc., a club devoted to diminutive Dachshunds, at

The Dachshund Friendship Club ( is a fun and non-competitive club based in New York City. It has great resources on its fun Web site, and for those in New York, it has Dachsie events like Dachshund Octoberfest.

I have so much fun looking at this site. Great pictures! The Dachshund Network ( has plenty of fun and informative dog-friendly links, as well as a bulletin board.

I would recommend The Dachshund Rescue Web Page ( even if I didn’t know that it encourages people to buy my book! This site does a great service for rescued Dachshunds. Check it out, and follow its many links.

Able Dogs ( is an e-mail group devoted to people with disabled pets. It started specifically for people with paralyzed Dachshunds but expanded to include many other people whose pets have special needs. Check out the stories, the community, and more. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be glad you came.

DODGER (Dachshund Orthopedic Disc Group Email Resource) is a site all about Dachsund disk issues. You can find plenty of great information here, including how to find a veterinary neurologist in your area. Check it out before your Dachshund ever has a problem, and join their Yahoo! list, called Dodgerslist, to join up with a community of fellow Dachshund lovers dealing with orthopedic issues:

The Canadian Dachshund Lovers Page (or was created by Bob Brennert. This Canadian site is all about Dachshunds. All the info is at

You can go to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ( site to find a great trainer. The site is run by a group of trainers devoted to positive training methods.

by Eve Adamson

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