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The Behavior and Character of Bulldogs

Bullies have a unique approach to life, mostly including playful, peaceful, relaxing days and a “no worries” attitude towards daily life. Bullies are known for their friendly, calm, social, compassionate, but sometimes stubborn personalities. Which characteristics does you fur-kid possess?
Peaceful Attitude
Bullies are a great addition to the family, especially for pet-parents and families who have busy daily schedules. Your fur-kid will bring a calming effect to the entire family. Imagine arriving home from a hectic day at work, picking the kids up from soccer and ballet practice and rushing through preparing dinner for the entire family. Your fur-kid will be by your side from the moment you walk in the door. Bullies love to snuggle up next to their humans and relax. This cozy quality time you have with your fur-kid will quickly become one of the favorite parts of your day.
Energy Booster
Although Bullies truly enjoy their snuggle and nap time, they also are eager to play and have fun. At times Bulldogs are considered and labeled as lazy dogs, but this simply is not true. It’s not a secret that they enjoy their relaxing time, but they also have energy to burn and look for interesting ways to have fun. They save up their energy to use and focus on an activity that interests them the most. Many Bulldogs are excellent at agility training and some are even athletic enough to ride skateboards. Find your fur-kids favorite activity and remember to give them daily access to enjoying their favorite task.
Einstein Intelligence
Bullies are known for their stubbornness, any fur-mom and dad who is a pet parent will agree that their little fur-baby exhibits a stubborn streak. Bullies need to see the purpose of why they need to make an action. They need to be emotionally and mentally stimulated by the activity. The will think to themselves, “Mom wants me to go to the bathroom over there and I want to go over here, why? What’s in it for me?” “oh, I get affection? Maybe I get a treat? Ok then, I will definitely do this action. Bullies are extremely intelligent and have achieved top ratings for obedience training, they just achieve it on their own time. Pet parents need to be patient and allow their fur-kid to understand what is requested of them and follow the commands. Allow your fur-kid to see the purpose of their actions and they will obey.
Don’t Like Change
Bullies do not like it when changes are made to their daily schedules. They enjoy a structure and repetitive routine and way of life. To avoid your fur-kid from becoming too committed to his daily routine always remaining the same and becoming set in his ways, mix it up a bit. As soon as your fur-kid joins the family mix up the daily schedule. Change the route frequently when you take him on walks, put his bed in different spots in the house so he gets used to sleeping in different places and have play time scheduled at different times of the day.
At times, Bullies have been labeled lazy and stubborn. You can be assured that your baby-Bully is intelligent and loves to play. Bullies just have their own unique personality and tend to do things with purpose and intention behind it. Give your fur-kid a reason to enjoy life and they will live happy, healthy and enjoyable lives.
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