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Tips on Training Your Bulldog

Bullies are well-behaved, obedient dogs who have a natural urge to please their pet parents. While Bullies, especially puppies might appear to be stubborn, they are actually eager to learn. They want to learn all of the rules and obey them. Fur-moms and dads should start training their fur-baby as soon as they arrive at home. Since Bullies are sensitive to voices and moods, there are some helpful tips for fur-parents to follow when training your fur-baby.
  • Work as a Family Unit – Your fur-baby is eager to become part of his human pack. He is eagerly awaiting instructions and rules he must follow. Fur-moms and dads and every human within the household should work as a unit. Everyone should exhibit the same instruction methods and verbal commands. This unity will provide your pup with a clear vision of what is expected of him.
  • Develop a Reward System – fur-parents and families should only focus on rewarding the desired behavior. Treats, hugs, pats on the head and verbal praise are all positive ways to express good behavior. Once your fur-baby receives a reward for a particular behavior, he will want to repeat it.
  • Ignore Bad Behavior – This is where a lot of pet parents go wrong. They get so upset that their fur-baby is not behaving properly that they yell at the pup for his actions. Your fur-baby is always seeking your attention, so any attention whether it is yelling or praising is considered positive to your pup, because they are getting the attention that naturally seek from their human-parent and family. This is why it’s highly important to ignore bad behavior and focus only on good behavior. This doesn’t mean allowing your pup to chew on your favorite pair of shoes. You can remove the object from their mouth and replace it with a toy instead. Just do it without yelling or making a big deal out of their negative behavior.
  • Learn Your Pup’s Routine – This tip comes in handy when you are house training your fur-baby. Learning their routine will allow you to prevent accidents and make training go smoothly. Become familiar with your pup’s relieving sequence. Does he seem to relieve himself after he eats and drinks? Is there a specific time of day he seems to relieve himself? Be aware of signs that he is preparing to relieve himself such as sniffing, circling and squatting. Once he shows these signs, calmly guide him to the designated area and remember to reward him afterwards.
  • Patience – Be patient when training your pup. All puppies learn at their own pace and require time to adjust to their new rules and surroundings. It might be difficult to show patience when your fur-baby is stirring up trouble and being mischievous. But it remaining calm is an important tool that will become highly beneficial in the long run. Bullies who receive aggressive behavior from their pet-parents can become emotional and even cause aggressiveness.
Use these tips while training your Bulldog to adjust to the house rules. Within time, your fur-baby will become a well-behaved and obedient family member. Remember to always reward for good behavior, work as a family unit and practice patience when training your pup to follow your family and house rules.
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