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Green shrike-vireo

Vireolanius pulchellus

Photo by Dominic Sherony (Wikipedia)

Common name:
green shrike-vireo (en); assobiador-verde (pt); smaragdan émeraude (fr); vireón esmeralda (es); smaragdvireo (de)

Order Passeriformes
Family Vireonidae

This species is found in Central America, from southern Mexico to Panama.

These birds are 13,5-14,5 cm long and weigh 22-30 g.

The green shrike-vireo is mostly found in the canopies of lowland rainforests, also using mountain rainforests, forest edges and second growths. They are present from sea level up to an altitude of 1.800 m.

They feed on various arthropods, such as caterpillars, also taking fruits, berries and seeds.

Green shrike-vireos breed in March-June. The nest is a mossy cup, possibly made by the female alone and placed high-up in the tree canopy. There is no further information on the reproduction of this species.

IUCN status – LC (Least Concern)
This species has a large breeding range and the global population is estimated at 50.000-500.000 individuals. Current rates of habitat loss within its range, caused by agricultural clearing, cattle farming, road projects, and the growing human population, suggest this species may be declining.

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