Pit Bull rescue story

Pit Bull rescue story
Pit Bull rescue story: Volunteers of D.C’s. Humane Rescue Alliance found a severely starved Pit Bull in a gutter in Okie Street NE. The 9-month-old puppy was dehydrated, and he was stuck in the drain for 12 hours, and his organs were gradually closing down.
Luckily, he was founded by D.C’s Human Rescue Team and saved, later he was named as Shepherd.
The team rushed Shepherd to a neighbourhood hospital. The vet didn’t consider a lot to be for him as he would fall regularly and had extreme mange decaying his skin ceaselessly. The hope was less as per the doctor.

Shepherd recovering after immense care

After a week of serious care, Shepherd passed this serious stage and gradually found the will and strength to live once more!

Shepherd got a Home!

Shepherd has now moved to an encouraging home in Burke, Virginia. His mother Kim O’Keefe thinks that it’s disgusting that somebody so unfeelingly hurt the sweet, adoring and lovely Shepherd. Under Kim’s consideration, Shepherd is getting more stronger each day.
The Humane Rescue Alliance volunteers are in the interim helping the cops to help locate the cruel individual who dumped Shepherd like trash. The house was few yards away from the gutter, yet the culprit let the dog endure and die in some horrible, nightmarish way in the gutter.
Cops are searching for the offender who drove a dark-coloured, four-entryway sedan vehicle with no hood. A reward of $10000 has offered for any data that prompts the capture of the guilty party. Pass on this message and help the cops catch this barbarous wrongdoer and carry them to equity.

Watch How poor Pitbull Mix survived and got a new home | Thanks to D.C’s. Humane Rescue Alliance Team | Pit Bull rescue story

Watch how he was rescued and how he is spending a beautiful life with the new owner

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