Chestnut-capped flycatcher

Chestnut-capped flycatcher
Erythrocercus mccallii

Photo by Chris Perkins (Internet Bird Collection)

Common name:
chestnut-capped flycatcher (en); papa-moscas-de-barrete-vermelho (pt); érythrocerque à tête rousse (fr); monarca capirrufo (es); rotkappen-spreizschwanz (de)

Order Passeriformes
Family Monarchidae

This species is found from Guinea and southern Mali, along the Gulf of Guinea coast and into Gabon, Congo, northern D.R. Congo and marginally into western Uganda and northern Angola.

These birds are 10 cm long and weigh 6-8 g.

The chestnut-capped flycatcher is mostly found in lowland, primary rainforests, also using swamp forests, mountain rainforests, mature secondary forests, plantations and arable land.

They feed mainly on small insects, such as ants, bees, beetles, termites and grasshoppers.

These birds can possibly breed all year round. There is no further information on the reproduction of this species.

IUCN status – LC (Least Concern)
This species has a very large breeding range and is reported to be uncommon to abundant. The population is suspected to be in decline owing to ongoing habitat destruction.

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