Blue-headed fantail

Blue-headed fantail
Rhipidura cyaniceps

Photo by Pamela Rasmussen (Avian Vocalizations Center)

Common name:
blue-headed fantail (en); cauda-de-leque-de-cabeça-azul (pt); rhipidure à tête bleue (fr); abanico cabeciazul (es); blaukopf-fächerschwanz (de)

Order Passeriformes
Family Rhipiduridae

This species is endemic to The Philippines, being found in Luzon, Catanduanes, Negros, Panay, Masbate and some nearby smaller islands.

These birds are 18 cm long and weigh 13-15 g.

The blue-headed fantail is mostly found in lowland rainforests, but also uses mountain rainforests and degraded patches of former forest.

They hunt insects in flight.

There is no available information regarding the reproduction of this species.

IUCN status – LC (Least Concern)
This species has a large breeding range and is described as common in most of this range. The population is suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence for any declines or substantial threats.

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