Are Bulldogs Cuddly? And Why that Matters!

Are Bulldogs Cuddly? And Why that Matters!
There is nothing better on a rainy day than lounging on a couch with a warm drink and cuddling with your bulldog.
Are Bulldogs Cuddly? Yes, bulldogs are exceptional cuddlers, gentle, affectionate, and LOVE attention from their family. As a bulldog matures, these companion dogs become calm and more relaxed. Many times their affection is show through contact which includes cuddling.
Imagine that your bulldog is a baby toddler(speaking human not a puppy) for a moment. Not someone else’s toddler either but yours. Toddlers will follow you in the kitchen, upstairs or downstairs, outside the home dumping the garbage, and sneak into the bathroom. Toddlers are relentless because they want to be around their parent. They want the attention from their parent and they want to participate in the same activities as their parents.
Bulldogs are very similar to a toddler, in that they will find their spot close to family, typically in eyesight or close enough to hear. Bulldogs have been known to attach to their parents leg-side when they aren’t eating, sleeping, or active doing something else. They will lean on you and want to participate in the family activities. Some bulldogs though have a little bigger personal bubble and will keep some slight distance, not much though.
Bulldogs really can’t get enough love and attention. Some can be big into cuddling but all bulldogs want to be close to their family. Bulldogs are just big, wrinkly bundles of overflowing joy.

Types of Bulldogs and Their Cuddle Factors

No matter the bulldog, they will show you endless love. They adore personal time with their family but each bulldog is unique in what you can expect from them. Keep in mind whichever you pick  will be the right choice. Each bulldog type is great with people and other animals when trained to socialize.

Are English Bulldogs Affectionate?

Due to their pleasant nature, English bulldogs are wonderful dogs and companions. They are patient, kind, and caring. A child can play rough with an English Bulldog and they will let it slide off their backs or politely move.
Although stubborn at times, when an English Bulldog is trained correctly they are willing to obey commands. English Bulldogs can be quite chunky meanings these companions will have a lot to cuddle with. Some bulldogs are big into cuddling and will freely do so, while others will stay relatively close. All in all an English bulldog seeks appreciation and praise. They are inspired for a job well done and are loyal pets to the end.

Are French Bulldogs Affectionate?

French bulldogs are cute, small, and faithful. They enjoy personal attention and are wonderful companion dogs. They have a natural tendency to be affectionate and pleasant. French bulldogs are renowned as great lap dogs. They will hop right on your lap, when permission is given, and just cuddle right in. Their friendly demeanor and sheer joy at being around their owner would bring joy in anyone’s life.
If you expect quality cuddle time, the French bulldog is a great choice. Just know that French bulldogs also love to have fun and clown around. They are humorous little dogs and like to show off and explore. French bulldogs are very similar to a comedian where they will get you laughing and want to receive that same joyous praise over and over again. At times they can be stubborn but nothing a little training or a treat can’t fix. Overall you will find that Frenchies just want to have fun and will do whatever it takes to make their owners happy.

Are American Bulldogs Affectionate?

American bulldogs (not to be confused with pitbulls) are loyal, intelligent, hardworking, and most importantly affectionate. They are gentle and patient which make them an excellent dog for anyone, including families with kids. They are protective of their families, have wonderful instincts and can be very social if well trained. American bulldogs are known to cuddle and show immense affection to their family when they have bonded.

Bulldog Cuddle Caution

A few words of wisdom if you are thinking about getting a bulldog. Their quickly fall in love with their family when placed in a home and their affection is off the charts. Plus, they are patient with kids of any age. They are just big, wrinkly bears that love to be loved on. These are huge positives. But they have a few minor things to be mindful of, none of which are deal breakers
  • Bulldogs slobber and drool
  • They are gassy, more than most dog breeds
  • Their hygiene can be poor when not cleaned well
  • Snoring, grunts, and funny noises are normal
  • Bulldogs are not pushovers but can be stubborn as horse
There are some best practices to minimize or cope with these common bulldog characteristics.


A bulldog will drool and slobber naturally due to their jowl and facial structure but a calm bulldog with an established routine will drool less. Anxiety, excitement, and food can build up saliva and rain down out of its mouth. If a bulldog is up close and personal you can expect to get drenched. To learn more about why a bulldog drools and steps to take to decrease the quantity read Why do Bulldogs Drool? And How to Live with It. Drool is not life threatening and a bulldog has little control over it. Just know that usually when a bulldog is drooling it is unknowingly showing its love for their family.


Nothing like cuddling in front of a movie and then a loud fart breaks the mood. Bulldogs are known to fart in excess in large part to their facial and body structure. Many foods can cause a bulldogs tummy to rumble and it doesn’t help that when they eat fast a bulldog is sucking in a ton of air. All of that extra air in the stomach ends up coming back out of their rear end.
Some simple solutions to minimize the gaseous smell are: purchase high end dog food (not the store off brand) and seek a Veterinarians guidance on the easiest foods for a bulldog to digest. Their are also great dog food dishes on Amazon that are made to slow down any furry pet while eating. This is truly a miracle dog dish (Amazon), I can’t praise it enough. The slower a bulldog eats, the less air it gulps down. For other tips on how to lessen the gas coming from a bulldog be sure to read Do Bulldogs Fart? Yes and How to Stop it!


Bulldogs have endless wrinkles, folds, and an abnormal body structure. They are physically unable to reach and clean themselves. This means that you have to dig in and help. If you want a cuddle buddy you will need to put in the work as well. Bulldogs want to be close and I am not particularly fond of the Frito smell that can emit from a bulldog. I will eat a Frito every now and then with chilli, but I don’t want to smell a Frito. Wash your bulldog based on cleanliness, not everyday. If a bulldog appears dirty and starting to smell it will be time to do a thorough cleaning. I recommend reading this post on properly grooming your bulldog Best Grooming Brush for Bulldogs Plus 9 Grooming Essentials!
Bulldogs need to be washed in every nook and cranny, including the backside and rear. Once your bully is freshened up it will be ready to lounge with you.


If it the midst of cuddling your bulldog doses off, don’t be surprised to hear it start snoring. Bulldogs are known for making noise. Some tips to cease a snoring bulldog are:
  • Sleeping on its stomach
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Walk your bulldog daily
  • Facial and respiratory system correction (if Vet recommended)
Read Why do Bulldogs Snore? And how to Minimize it! to learn what may be best for your snoring or noise making bulldog.
Don’t let any of these small quirks and bulldog characteristics scare you off though. Underneath all of their wrinkles and oddities is a bulldog full of love. That bulldog is willing to share that love and will change your life for good as a bulldog owner.