How to Get Bulldogs to Calm Down: 4 Tips

How to Get Bulldogs to Calm Down: 4 Tips
Bulldogs are most often seen as pets which are aggressive and hard to calm down. While that can be true, there are methods that you can learn to help them calm down. Here are some effective methods to keep your bulldog calm and in control.
How do you get Bulldogs to calm down? To calm a bulldog down, try taking them for a walk, giving them something to eat, or putting them be in a room by themselves for a while. Depending on the bulldog’s temperament, isolation may help them calm down. Over time these methods can help adjust their temperament. 
  • Provide exercise and play time every day
  • Ignore hyper behavior
  • Neuter Bulldogs as soon as possible
  • Socialize your bulldog early
While there are many different types of bulldogs with varying levels of aggression, different methods may work better for your dog than others. It all depends on their environment, how they are treated, and their breed.

How Do I Calm My Bulldog Down?

Here are just a few ideas and methods you can use to calm your pooch down so that they will be a bit more docile.
  • Provide ample exercise every day: Have an exercise schedule that is regular. For example, take your bulldog for a long walk each day around the same time. Animals function best with a schedule that is consistent. Bulldogs don’t need as much exercise as some breeds, but a little bit every day can help them work off excess energy.
  • Make sure they have daily playtime: Along with exercise, Bulldogs need time to play and run free. Exercise time is fun for dogs, but walking on a leash is not the same as being free to run around to their heart’s content. Dogs love to play.
  • Ignore hyper behavior when it is happening: As frustrating as your dog’s behavior can be, giving them attention will make it worse. By ignoring your dog’s behavior, you are not rewarding them with the attention they desire. Rewarding your pet once they have calmed down will encourage them to repeat the act of being calm instead of riled up.
  • Neuter male dogs as soon as possible: Male dogs are a lot more aggressive when they are not neutered; especially if there is a female dog nearby. They can often injure themselves because they are trying to get close to the female. After they are neutered, they calm down quite a bit.
The first thing that you need to remember when trying to calm your bulldog down is that there are a lot of factors and reasons why they are riled up. If you can pinpoint the reasons they are having a hard time calming down, then it will be easier to know what you need to do to help them.

Why is My Bulldog so Riled Up?

Most of the time, bulldogs get riled up because they lack attention, affection, playtime, food, etc. There’s always a reason that your Bulldog is acting up, it isn’t just because they are a bad dog. Here are just a few of the reasons he/she may be acting out.
  • Fear or Alarm: Your dog may be barking because of an intruder. There might not be an actual threat to you, but your dog usually can’t tell the difference between strange new people and situations. A lot of dogs will bark at the front door when someone knocks on it because they know someone is there and they are either afraid or worried about your safety. They also tend to bark just when they are frightened.
  • Boredom/Lack of Exercise: If you don’t let your dog out a lot, they may get agitated and start ripping at the furniture, barking, and running around like a crazy child. They may be doing this because they are bored. They may not have had their needed fill of exercise and entertainment. If your dog is acting out because of boredom, you can just let them run around outside for a little while, or play with them.
  • Hunger: Just like human beings, Bulldogs whine and/or bark when they are hungry. This one is a lot less likely if you are feeding your pup the right amount each day. However, when considering the reason for their attitude don’t rule out the fact that they might be hungry or thirsty.
Whatever the case may be, do not assume that your bulldog is just a dumb dog with an attitude. Most breeds can be trained to be calm. Some are more difficult than others, but most can be trained to calm down. Be patient with your pup and try some tough love with them. Make sure they are getting everything they need and want.
Click here for a video of the National Geographic Dog Whisperer in action trying to calm a Bulldog down. He gives great tips on how you should treat your bulldog and he explains a little bit about the difference between psychology and animal psychology.

How Does the Environment Affect My Bulldog?

The environment around your pet has a huge impact on their behavior. Certain changes in a bulldog’s environment will cause them to do several different things. They might bark, shy away, bare their teeth, or just avoid the source altogether. It all depends on the change and where it is made.
These changes cause Bulldogs to act in certain ways due to their temperament. This temperament can be developed, but it can also be an inherited trait. Some bulldogs are just more energetic and excited than others by birth. Others may come from a more docile line of their breed.
If a bulldog is in an aggressive environment or a home which has a lot of chaos, it might begin to feel insecure. How you treat your bulldog will have an effect (whether positive or negative) on it’s levels of aggression.
Note: Doing research on the kind of environment that a bulldog can best live in is the best way to prepare to take care of your pet.
Another potential cause for aggression would be if their environment changes too much; for instance, you keep changing dog sitters and your pup hasn’t had the chance to adjust and/or get used to the sitter. Consistency in their environment is just as important as having consistency in their routine.
The more steady and consistent you are with the environment and routine, the less your pup is going to act out. Bulldogs aren’t exactly like humans, but they can be just as temperamental when it comes to having too many changes happening in their lives.

Which Bulldog Breeds Are the Calmest?

The English Bulldog is probably the calmest of all the bulldog breeds. It is the most popular and is great with children. Most Bulldogs are not very aggressive. Again, temperament can sometimes vary depending on genes and traits that have been passed down through bloodlines.
Do not get the English Bulldog mixed up with the American Bulldog. American Bulldogs are rather aggressive and have been known to attack when they are provoked too much. They are the close relative of the Pit Bull which is one of the most aggressive dog breeds out there.
After some research, I’ve discovered that the most docile you’ll probably get is the English Bulldog. They are popular and easy to find because they are pretty abundant on the dog market. If you are in the market for a bulldog that is calmer, an English Bulldog is the best choice.

Related Questions…

Do bulldogs go after children if they get too excited? Bulldogs won’t necessarily go after children if they get too excited, but it is always wise to watch your children around any dog. Depending on the size of the bulldog, it is a good idea to keep them in sight as they can get excited and knock smaller children over. Other than that, they are pretty harmless.
Are bulldogs protective of their owners? Because Bulldogs have a history of bull-baiting, they are naturally good at protecting their owners, including small children. Bulldogs are brave, not intimidated by size, and are dedicated to watching out for their loved ones. If a bulldog is not well trained or socialized, it can be extremely protective of its owners.
What was the most commonly used bulldog for bull-baiting? The Olde English Bulldog was bred to be aggressive and loyal to its owner’s commands. It was made to not back down in a fight, no matter the size of the opponent. Bulldog, in general,l are very muscular and can lock their jaw, holding a firm grasp on their competitor.