How Often Do I Need to Groom My Bulldog

How Often Do I Need to Groom My Bulldog
It is no news that you need to groom your Bulldog in order to maintain a high level of cleanliness and promote bodily health. Grooming your bulldog demands that you set some time aside, no matter how busy you are to do this.
How often do I need to groom bulldogs? Many bulldog owners and professionals believe it is better to have it done monthly while others feel it should be as needed. Bulldogs primarily stay indoors and are less prone to getting filthy unlike other active dog breeds. Also, if they are washed too frequently it can be harsh on their skin, causing unnecessary dryness.
Don’t let your dog go to long without grooming and cleaning though. A general rule of thumb is when your bulldog is absolutely dirty, has a horrendous odor and requires special attention than it is time to wash it. In any case, if the health and happiness of your bully are important to you, you must be committed to grooming it regularly.
It is unfair to your dog if you are lackadaisical about the way you go about its welfare. Happy bully owners have happy bulldogs.

Benefits of Grooming your Bulldog regularly

There are several advantages of grooming your bulldog regularly. These are discussed under these 7 specified reasons:
  • Reduction in shedding
  • Prevention of potential infection
  • Good oversight
  • Prolonged life
  • A sense of belonging
  • Demonstrating responsible ownership
  • Neat and fresh appearance

Do Bulldogs Shed

Bulldogs actually do shed, even with a shorter coat of hair. Regular grooming will help you control their shedding. This will reduce the rate at which you will have to clean up your carpet, furnishings, clothes, etc. The use of a furminator to reduce loose hairs instead of a conventional brush is also recommended in order to make the activity effective. If you want to know if bulldogs are hypoallergenic read HERE.

Prevention of Potential Infection

A culture of regularly grooming your bulldog is a preventive measure. Grooming provides added protection from potential infections. Stopping them before before they get the chance to hurt your beloved pet.
Infection prevention through grooming means less healthcare costs and less visits to the vet’s office. As a word of caution, some infections that can onset due to a lack of proper grooming can make your bulldog very ill and even pose as a fatal risk to your bulldogs life. Proper grooming will minimize the chances of infectious occurrence.

Good Oversight

There will barely be anything that happens to your bulldog that will catch you by surprise when you are dutiful about your approach to the grooming. You can catch early symptoms of infections, potential allergic reactions, and other ailments. Regular grooming is a wonderful preventative measure when it comes to a healthy bully.

Prolonged Life for the Bulldog

Another benefit to regular grooming and having good oversight on your dogs health is its lifespan. A bulldog will have a higher chance of a longer and healthier life through this consistent care.

A Sense of Belonging

A culture of regular grooming shows to your dog that you care about it. This appreciation when recognized, will lead to a happier, tail wagging bulldog. There is an old motto that states, “You take care of your tools, and your tools will take care of you.” Your bulldog is more important than a tool and because you spend that quality time caring for its well-being your bulldog will in turn share its affection. You want that for your dog, right? I know what your answer is – yes, of course.

Demonstrating Responsible Ownership

No one can be termed as being responsible without having responsibilities. Well owning a bulldog carries a heavy weight of responsibility. Demonstrate that care through a regular commitment of proper grooming, neighbors and family will recognize this.

Neat and Fresh Appearance

Last but not least, A well-groomed bulldog will appear neat and attractive, making you a proud owner. Everyone will see and admire your beautiful bully, making it a highlight when going for walks or traveling around town.
On the flip-side, When you have not invested quality time and energy into the grooming of your dog, this will not shine as your proudest moment. You and your bulldog may want to hide in shame. Don’t do this to yourself or your bully.

How Do I go about it?

Having been convinced of the numerous benefits that come with the regular grooming of your dog, you may want to know how to do it. Here are some useful tips that will help you become a happy owner of a happy bulldog:

Purchase a Grooming Table

A grooming table can be very helpful in reaching every angle, nook and cranny of your bulldog. It elevates your pet several feet so you can easily provide care without having to kneel, sit on the floor, or squat. Typically grooming tables come with a leash attachment to keep the bulldog steady in one spot so it doesn’t fidget. They are extremely durable and should last you for years to come.
A grooming table is best suited for trimming or brushing hair. It can also be great when trimming nails so your bulldog does try to wander away in the middle of using the toe nail clippers.


You may be tempted to bath your bulldog daily to have a clean coat of fur and eradicate bad odor. However, this might not be as good as your think. Daily bathing can actually remove oils that are often present on the coat of the dog. These natural oils are essential to keeping smooth skin and a shiny coat of fur.
Hence, it is recommended you bathe your bulldog every two weeks or whenever you notice excessive filth. If your bulldog primarily stays indoors and doesn’t rough around too much when out on walks, you should be able to wash every few weeks or so. Refusal to bath your bulldog can lead to poor health, more household allergens being carried on your bully’s fur, and an awful stench.

Avoid Excessive use of Shampoo

Anything done in excess will become harmful. Just the same way excessive use of cosmetics affects humans adversely, it is also the same for bulldogs. The issue with this is that the skin and the hair will dry out. Dry skin and hair can create an irritation, which may cause bodily scratching, and possibly sores or cut skin. YUCK! Excessive use of shampoo can also make the fur coat of your dog appear jaded. Hence, you should be moderate with the use of shampoo when grooming your dog.

Regular Brushing

Brushing the fur of your dog regularly will help you remove debris from the dog’s fur. This will contribute to the dog’s overall health and appearance. Every tangle in the hair will also be effectively dealt with through this activity. Loose hairs are also removed through this process. This will help you avoid the stress of having to clean off such hairs from your carpet later on.

Regular Wiping of Face and Ears

The face and ears of your bully should be wiped regularly. You should have pet wipes in order to achieve this. This will also help your dog stay healthy and maintain a good appearance. You should regularly check the ears to minimize the buildup of excessive wax. Read this great article on cleaning bulldog tear stains.

Trimming of the Nails

Both you and your bulldog are endangered when the nails grow too long. Accidental scratchings, ripping stuffed toys or furnishings, and even the possibility of breaking a nail. Such potential injuries can be avoided through regular grooming as nails are trimmed to an acceptable length. A good rule of thumb is to trim your bulldogs nails so they do not touch the ground, leaving them slightly elevated. Never cut the nail all the way back to the paw.

Brushing Teeth

Don’t forget to brush the teeth. If the dog breath becomes unbearable it may be time to brush its teeth. Dog teeth can rot, become infected, and yellow when not routinely cleaned.

Grooming Your Bulldog

The importance of regularly grooming your bulldog can’t be expressed enough. If you are not using the tips provided, begin doing so today!
You don’t have to wait for your bulldog to become ill due to uncleanliness and a lack of groom before you act. You can prevent several infections just by the simple task of regularly grooming your bully. Be a better bulldog owner than you have already been. Your bulldog deserves your care and love. Your commitment to the regular grooming of your four-legged friend is a great way to demonstrate this.