Does My Bulldog Need a Coat?

Does My Bulldog Need a Coat?
Not every bulldog has the blessing to live in a warm climate year round. Even if your bulldog has landed a home where the weather is almost perfect, there are times where the temperature can dip drastically. In either occasion, you should know how your bulldog will fair in the cooler weather.
Does my bulldog need a coat? Bulldogs should wear a coat if you plan on being outside in low temperatures for more than 15 minutes. Bulldogs have short fur and also have respiratory problems which prevent them from controlling their body temperature effectively through panting.
You could skip the walk or planned outdoor activities to stay inside but my recommendation is a little fresh air tends to do everyone a little good. When you get outside to stretch the legs and move around enough to get in your exercise, it will relieve any stress or tension your bulldog may have. It will also lower their energy that can increase when they are stuck inside due to the colder weather. Nobody enjoys symptoms that onset from cabin fever.
  • Boredom
  • Seeking more attention than usual
  • Pent up energy
  • Stress and tension
When the cold weather moves it, don’t let it stop you and your bulldog from enjoying the outdoors. Know what temperatures may be harmful to your bulldog and how to dress for cooler occasions.

Bulldogs Ability to Stay Warm

Now, how intolerant are bulldogs to the extreme cold? Once temperature drops below 25 degrees Fahrenheit your dog should not be let out of the house. These temperatures will put your bulldog at serious risk. As for indoor temperatures they shouldn’t go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Hopefully, your bulldog is sleeping indoors or a space with regulated heat. For more information on this, check out our article, “Can Bulldogs Stay Outside in the Cold.”
So within that 25 – 50-degree Fahrenheit weather, your bulldog should be safe to go outside as long as you are following the following guidelines:
  • Dress warmly for the occasion; a winter jacket or sweater for dogs should do fine.
  • Don’t leave your bulldog outside longer than 15 minutes.
  • Monitor how your bulldog is doing outside.  Does your bulldog seem happy, cheerful, and appear warm or is your bulldog moving slowly, acting tired, and looking cold?
  • Check your bulldog’s ears and body temperature to assess how cool it feels. Like your nose when it gets cold, a bulldog that feels chill to the touch should be brought in.
  • Keep moving, body temperature will rise and your bullies blood flow will keep it going during its short time out.
Just because a bulldog could go outside doesn’t mean that you should push it. If your bulldog looks, acts and feels cold then it is most likely struggling in the frigid temperature. Bring your bulldog inside to warm up. Extreme temperatures can quickly affect your bulldog’s performance and health if you’re not watching carefully.
Another reason bulldogs don’t do well outside is their inability to heat up the air they breathe in very well. Bulldogs have a flat face and short snout which means their nasal passageway is very small. When a bulldog breathes in, the air remains cool as it travels into its body and lungs. Sadly, their anatomy is the causation of their inability to endure the cold for long periods of time.
Take precautions to care for your bulldog and avoid any unnecessary distress. If you don’t want to go outside without a coat or a light jacket, most likely your bulldog shouldn’t either.

Best Coats for a Cold Bulldog

Now that you are aware of your bulldog’s specific needs when it’s cold, what type of coat should you get? There are a lot of choices and alternatives for dog coats but your bulldog is needing quality. A few coats that I recommend for a bulldog to keep warm while outdoors are:
  1. Kurgo Loft Jacket – Reversible dog coat, dog coat for cold weather, water-resistant dog jacket with reflective trim
  2. Gooby – Padded vest, dog jacket coat sweater with zipper closure and leash ring
Each jacket has great benefits but you will need to decide which will work best for your bulldog. To help you in your decision read through the below features and details on both jackets.

Kurgo Loft Jacket

Some of the outstanding features of the Kurgo Loft Jacket are:
  • Adjustable, Reversible, & Reflective – This dog vest comes with a variety of colors you can select, one exterior, another interior. This vest can be reversed so if you feel like changing the color and the mood, you can do so. The Kurgo vest will keep your bulldog warm in chilly weather as you go out to enjoy the fresh air while walking. It can also be adjusted to custom fit your bulldog as needed, within reason. Make sure to select a jacket size that is based on the measurements provided on the product details. It is very specific and helpful in deciding what will work best for your bulldogs stout structure. Some dog shapes will fit perfectly with the recommendations provided while others may require a size up to keep the jacket slightly loose as opposed to tight and restrictive.
  • Lightweight and Water Resistant – The Kurgo Loft Jacket is light, comfortable, and extremely durable. This jacket has been made to endure and gives optimal flexibility. Your bulldog will be happy with this jacket when its cold. It is also water resistant so if it happens to be wet outside, your pooch will stay more dry and warm when wearing this bad boy.
  • Access Opening for Leash – There is a zipper on the backside that allows you to open the jacket and attach the leash to your bulldog’s harness. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!
  • PLUS LIFETIME WARRANTY – Kurgo stands behind their product and wants your bulldog’s experience to be the very best which is why a warranty is given for any manufacturing defects.


  • Multi-Functioning – Your bulldog will be warm, dry, and enjoying the outdoors in this lightweight jacket. It will also protect from the bitter wind. Your bulldog will thank you for that. You can even attach a leash on your Gooby coat vest without the use of a dog harness.
  • Fitted for Dogs – This coat has been cut to fit well on all dog breeds, including bulldogs. Plus its machine washable when it gets dirty from your bulldog playing around.
  • Protective Guard – The Gooby jacket has been crafted to prevent fur or skin getting caught in the zipper.

Great Alternative Jacket to Beat the Heat

Now you know what your bulldogs require to survive the extremely frigid cold; a high-quality coat! But don’t forget that bulldogs have difficulty managing any extreme weather, including hot climates. Bulldogs are actually known to suffer dehydration, heat stroke, and more in temperatures as hot as 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn’t help that they are big, stout, have difficulty breathing, difficulty reducing their body temperature, are covered in wrinkles and were bred to dwell indoors. Be sure to keep your bull dog safe during the summer. Check out are article, “Can Bulldogs Stay outside in the Heat” for tips.
Even with all these physical limitations, bulldogs still need to get outside, responsibly. When outside it is important to keep your bulldog cool, hydrate, and to limit exposure to direct sunlight or high temperatures. Not to mention a bulldog can sunburn because of its light cover of hair.
I would recommend adhering to the 15-minute rule in this scenario. Don’t try to press your luck and stay out any longer when the temperature is rising and either meets or exceeds 72 degrees.
To keep cool in warmer temperatures I recommend the following vest from Ruffwear Jet Stream for your bulldog. This is a high performance, cooling vest that can help to beat the heat.
  • Multi-Functioning Cooling Properties – This vest was made with a layered designed that “uses shade and evaporative cooling” to maintain your bulldog’s body temperature while in the heat. It also reflects heat, like a mini shield for your dog.  It is great to use for walks or any planned outdoor activities when it’s warm to keep your dog cool.
  • Crafted for dogs – This cooling vest was made to fit your bulldog so it could continue to have full mobility, without any restrictions. This means you can keep doing your daily walks and planned activities without any restrictions. The Ruffwear Jet Stream has been built to last wihigh-qualityity material and its engineered three-layer construction. It will keep your bulldog cooler and support it throughout the many outdoor adventures you will have.

Related Questions

Do Bulldogs feel the cold? Yes, bulldogs feel cold and are sensitive to extreme temperatures. They were bred to live indoors as loyal and loving companion dogs but have difficulty with extreme hot and cold weather because of their body structure. Precaution is recommended for your bulldog while outdoors.
What temperature is too cold for an English bulldog? English bulldogs should not go outside when the weather is 25 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. When the weather is this cold outside it will pose extreme harm to your bulldogs health, even when dressed in a coat.