Where to stay in Hoi An – As one of the few places in Vietnam to be touched by modern renovations and changes, Hoi An is the central hub of many historical buildings and sites in the country. There’s plenty to see and do in this traditional and authentic town, as it’s full to the brim with exciting opportunities and endearing citizens. Drawing their architectural beauty from many different cultural backgrounds, visitors may be surprised to find Japanese, Chinese, and even French influences in a great deal of structures and buildings!
Although many consider it to be a small town, Hoi An expands quite a large area and contains many different subdivisions that each have their own unique style, history, and way of life. Laid out below are the four coolest areas to visit in Hoi An, as well as where you should stay during your travels through each area. Read on to get all the information you need to make your next trip to Hoi An a smashing success!


Hoi An Ancient Town is a great place to head off to if you want to see how intricately and beautiful Chinese, Japanese, and European designs and architecture can mix with one another! There are over 1,000 timber frame buildings in the small town, each of them either commercial or domestic structures. It’s just a perfectly preserved spot that showcases how traditional Asia trading ports once looked before modernization. Many tours are held throughout the day so that visitors can learn all about the rich history and cultural significance of the town, though you’re quite likely to learn a lot just by walking amongst these ancient structures yourself!
Where to stay in Hoi An – Tribee Cotu Hostel
Where to stay in Hoi An - Tribee Cotu Guesthouse
If you’re looking to save on your lodging budget, it’s recommended that you take a look at Tribee Cotu guesthouse, which offers great amenities at a stellar price! Situated right by some of the most famous attractions in the area, this guesthouse is more than convenient; it’s also clean, quiet, and cozy. You can hang out on the terrace, cook up a traditional Vietnamese meal in your room’s kitchenette, or enjoy the company of other travelers in the shared lounge area! If you ever feel lost or overwhelmed, the friendly and kind staff are more than happy to help you book a tour, exchange your currency, get a shuttle to the airport, and anything else you might need during your stay!
Book a room at this wonderful guesthouse here: Tribee Cotu Hostel.
Where to stay in Hoi An – Green Heaven Hoi An Resort and Spa
Where to stay in Hoi An - Green Heaven Hoi An Resort and Spa 2
Green Heaven Hoi An Resort and Spa welcomes each and every guest to their locations with a drink and local fruits as a way of making sure all guests are happy and satisfied before they even begin their stay! The rooms are elegantly furnished with seating areas, minibars, flat-screen cable TVs, en suit bathrooms with shower, bathtub, and free toiletries, and a wardrobe! It’s as easy as asking the front desk to rent a bike or car for the day to explore the area, and with added help from the resort in purchasing tickets and booking tours your entire day can be planned from the comfort of the resort! Best of all is the in-house restaurant that serves both Vietnamese and International cuisine that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters! 
Where to stay in Hoi An - Green Heaven Hoi An Resort and Spa 2
Choose a day (or more!) for your stay at this awesome location here: Green Heaven Hoi An Resort and Spa.


Where to stay in Hoi An - Cam Pho
Cam Pho is a central Hoi An neighborhood surrounding Old Town to the northwest. It’s relatively close to just about all the major attractions, allowing visitors the opportunity to explore the area on foot without missing a single sight! Known to be the best place to go if you’re not looking to splurge all of your travel funds, Cam Pho always boasts the best prices and deals for all of your traveling needs! There’s also a ton of free activities to do in the area, such as searching out local animals like the water buffalos to snap a great picture and enjoying a free walking tour to get a better sense of the rural and rustic area that many travelers seek out year after year! 
Where to stay in Hoi An – The Serendipity Hostel
Where to stay in Hoi An - The Serendipity Hostel 1
The two most prominent features of The Serendipity Hostel in Cam Pho have to be the garden and terrace, which guests are always excited to use during their stay. Continental breakfast is served at the property every morning, and with free WiFi you’ll always be in touch with friends and family across the world as you dive into Vietnamese culture and traditions! The communal areas are always lively and fun, and guest always enjoy the fun and exciting atmosphere of the hostel’s main areas!
Where to stay in Hoi An - The Serendipity Hostel 1
Experience life like a native and make some new friends by booking online here: The Serendipity Hostel.
Where to stay in Hoi An – The Calla Villa
Where to stay in Hoi An - The Calla Villa 1
The Calla Villa Hoi An is a hotel that knows how to treat their guests right! Rooms feature air conditioning, a flat-scree TV, a seating area, views of the pool or city, a private bathroom with a bidet and shower, and free toiletries and slippers! Staff at the 24-hour desk go above and beyond the call of duty to help guests have the best possible time during their stay, and the hotel is always kept clean and tidy. The hotel is also in the perfect location for nearby hiking, diving, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, aerobics, and even cooking classes! If you’re traveling with little ones and don’t think they’ll make it through a whole day of adventuring, the hotel also features babysitting and child services to help families out!
Where to stay in Hoi An - The Calla Villa 1
Save on price but still get the same comfort by booking a room here: The Calla Villa.
Where to stay in Hoi An – Silk Luxury Hotel & Spa
Where to stay in Hoi An - Silk Luxury Hotel & Spa 1
For a truly luxurious experience in Hoi An, the Silk Luxury Hotel & Spa has to be one of the best choices guests can make when it comes to having all the creature comforts of home right in their hotel room! Located close to plenty of historic landmarks and sights, this lush hotel checks all the right boxes and pays excellent attention to detail to ensure that all guests get exactly what they need and deserve! If walking or biking around the area tires you out a bit, just relax at the hotel’s spa and wellness facilities until you’re refreshed enough for another round of sightseeing and memory-making! For those old enough to drink, the on-site bar and restaurant are always popular amongst guests!
Where to stay in Hoi An - Silk Luxury Hotel & Spa 1
Enjoy a stay at this lovely hotel by booking online here: Silk Luxury Hotel & Spa.


Things to do in Hoi An Vietnam #4 - An Bang Beach
Smooth sand and gorgeous, blue water await visitors who decide to settle down near An Bang Beach during their travels! The beach stretches almost 4-kilometers across and features blooming flowers during spring and summer that paint the beach purple! Local children take to the beach in the morning to search for crabs in the sand while their older relatives enjoy tossing a ball, walking around, engaging in interesting conversations, and boat watching. Those that have work to get to leave the beach once the sun rises a bit over the horizon, leaving the oasis free for others to enjoy in their stead.
Where to stay in Hoi An – Under the Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay
Where to stay in Hoi An - Under the Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay 1
Named after one of the most popular places to rest and relax on An Bang Beach, Under the Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay embodies whimsy and wonder all in one great location. The biggest problem most guest have with the location is that they can’t stay longer! The beds are comfortable, the staff are resourceful and knowledgeable about the area, and the homestay is only a 2-minute walk from the beach! If you want to have an even more relaxing stay, check out the spa facilities and yoga classes that are offered free of charge! Everything is perfect, and it’s hard to want for more while staying at this gorgeous tropical oasis!
Where to stay in Hoi An - Under the Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay 1
Meet some new people and broaden your horizons when you book online here: Under the Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay.
Where to stay in Hoi An – KA Villa Hoi An
Where to stay in Hoi An - KA Villa Hoi An
Literally just a few steps away from An Bang Beach is the KA Villa Hoi An, which features large, spacious rooms, a beautiful swimming pool for those who might not want to dive into seawater, and great breakfasts served daily! Every room is non-smoking and air-conditioned, and guests are treated to the use of a 32-inch flat-screen cable TV, desk, electric kettle, minibar, personal safe, en suit bathroom, and more! The breakfasts consist of a la carte and Asian options, and the hotel even allows guest the option of using their bicycles for free! Whether you’re taking a walk on the beach or cruising around the area on a bike, this hotel is a great base of operations for any journey to Vietnam!
Where to stay in Hoi An - KA Villa Hoi An
Enjoy the creature comforts that you deserve on your travels by booking here: KA Villa Hoi An.


Where to stay in Hoi An - Cua Dai Beach
Enjoy a couple of splashes in clear, beautiful seawater at this luxurious beach surrounded by high-end resorts and green palm trees! Only 2-kilometers from An Bang Beach and 5-kilometers from Hoi An, this awe-inspiring natural wonder is in just the right location to be convenient on every level of traveler needs! It’s safe to swim in the waters from April to September, but even if the waters aren’t friendly it’s still a great place to enjoy fresh seafood and local refreshments! Grab a spot under one of the hundreds of tall, green palm trees and watch the world go by while you relax in comfort and serenity! 
Where to stay in Hoi An – Sea Sun Homestay
Where to stay in Hoi An - Sea Sun Homestay
Meet fellow travel enthusiasts when you stay at the Sea Sun Homestay right on Cua Dai Beach! Rooms have private balconies with views fo the sea, and include TVs, minibars, seating areas, private bathrooms, and – if you reserve a bungalow – a quaint little kitchenette! The owners are great and really want nothing less than for every guest to have an enjoyable and relaxing stay! Breakfast is served daily, and the front desk offers tours, tickets, and even cooking lessons for those who want to try their hand at Vietnamese cuisine! Best of all, you can enjoy engaging with other interesting travellers while resting and unwinding in the shared lounge and kitchen areas.
Where to stay in Hoi An - Sea Sun Homestay
If you’re really looking forward to seeing some sea and some sun, the click here and book your rooms now: Sea Sun Homestay.
Where to stay in Hoi An – Hoi An Beach Resort
Where to stay in Hoi An - Hoi An Beach Resort 1
Offering first class service for those who want a truly magically experience on their trip, the Hoi An Beach Resort is dedicated to ensuring that their service and facilities are always top notch. Rooms come standard with private balconies which overlook the gardens, river, or sea. Every room has a TV, electric kettle, and safety deposit box to make guests feel more secure and safe. Spa and wellness facilities are provided so that guests can relax and enjoy their vacation, and on-site shops allow for ease of souvenir searching and provide timeless keepsakes to remember your stay!
Where to stay in Hoi An - Hoi An Beach Resort 1
For a truly great experience right next to one of the best beaches in Hoi An, your room is just a click away: Hoi An Beach Resort.
Where to stay in Hoi An - Hoi An Beach Resort 1
Though Hoi An may lack the same level of hustle and bustle as the major cities in Vietnam like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, the allure and charm of this lovely coastal town is certainly hard to find anywhere else, and can be a welcome break from busy city life. With calming scenery, historic landmarks, and relaxing locations, it can be a hard choice to make plans to go anywhere else but Hoi An for your Vietnam vacation! All in all, Hoi An is just a great place to travel to get a better understanding of the real Vietnam.

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