Fun Things to do with Your Bulldog

Fun Things to do with Your Bulldog
Bullies are playful, sweet and love to have fun. Even if your fur-baby is a couch potato, you can encourage them to do fun activities with you and the entire family. Bulldogs are excellent at flyball, agility, rally and obedience competitions. Spending quality time with your dog and training them to reach goals is a bonding experience that you both will enjoy. There are a wide range of fun things to do with your bulldog.
  • Play in the Water – Bullies love to play in the water. Take your fur-baby along with you to the lake or beach. They will enjoy running, jumping, splashing and playing in the water. They can walk along side of you at the beach, swim with you and keep you company as you fish at the lake.
  • Backyard Fun – Summer time is a great chance to allow your fur-baby to cool off in the sprinklers. Turn on your sprinklers and run around the yard with your fur-baby while you jump around in the water. This is a fun activity for the entire family.
  • Cool off in the Pool – Allow your pooch to swim along with the entire family in your pool. Remember to secure your fur-baby’s life jacket for this experience. If your adorable fur-baby is a couch potato, fill up a small children’s size pool with cool water in your yard. Your pooch will be happy to just relax, sit or stand in the water. Add a few of his favorite toys and it will become one of his favorite play sessions.
  • Shop for Toys – Rope toys, stuffed animals, squeaky toys and much more will keep your fur-baby happy. Bring your fur-baby to a local pet store and allow them to pick out their own toys. They get very excited and happy with this experience. It also assures that he will be happy with his choice of toys and will frequently play with them.
  • Skateboard – If you enjoy skateboarding, bring your fur-kid along for the fun. Bullies seem to be attracted to skateboards and can be trained to ride them, chase them and sit on them. Most Bullies truly enjoy this experience. How amazing is it, when your fur-kid is riding along on his skateboard right next to you at the park. This activity is a fun experience for the entire family.
  • Play Games – You can play games indoors or outdoors. Being creative with games will keep your fur-kid busy indoors during those cold winter months. Popular games include tug of war, hide and seek, fetch and doggie treat hunt.
  • Run Around – Some bullies prefer to leave the toys behind and just run around and explore. Take you fur-kid for a walk to a new park, neighborhood or area for them to explore new surroundings. Short hikes in the woods are also entertaining for your fur-kid and the entire family.
Remember to always keep your pooch hydrated, especially when playing outdoors in warm to hot weather. Always supply a good amount of shade and rest in between activities. While all of these fun things to do are great activities, your fur-kid who loves being a couch potato might not want to participate. In this case, relax and curl up with your little couch potato pooch and watch a movie.