Train Your Bulldog not to Jump

Train Your Bulldog not to Jump
Bullies have short legs and tend not to jump as high as other breeds. But there are times when your Bulldog will be so excited, playful or happy to see you that they will jump on you, your family members and visitors. Since Bulldogs are muscular, heavy dogs who love their family, jumping might become a daily occurrence. They can even cause injury to you with their strong power, leaving the victim with scratches from their nails or by causing the victim to be knocked over. Training your Bulldog not to jump is key to having your fur-baby greet you calmly when you arrive home.
  • Practice Arriving Home – Whether you come in the front door, side door, or back door to your home, always practice at the entrance that is used most frequently by family members. Practice coming in the door to see how your pup will greet you and your family members. If you find that jumping is an issue, this is the perfect time to begin training your pup not to jump.
  • Stand Still – When you enter the doorway and your pup starts jumping on you don’t yell or push him away. Ignore his behavior, look straight ahead and pull your hands up towards your chest. It’s important to completely ignore his behavior.
  • Reward When Paws Hit the Floor – As you stand still in one spot with your hands at your chest wait in that position until your pup stops jumping and has all four paws on the floor. Once you observe that he is no longer jumping, praise him verbally and pat him gently on top of his head.
  • Repeat the Routine – Continue repeating this routine until you and every family member can enter the door without your pup jumping on them. You can even have your friends and other visitors help you with training, by inviting them over and creating practice sessions with them.
  • Be Patient – You may have to practice this training method frequently until your pup is exhibiting the proper greeting behavior you desire. Be patient and soon you will be greeted by your adorable fur-baby without being jumped on.
  • Use a Toy – Some Bullies get so excited when their pet-parents and family arrive home that they can’t contain their excitement. They will wiggle and run around with so much energy from their excitement. At times, it’s easier for pups to run around with one of their toys in their mouths. Keeping a couple toys near the entry way in a safe place where nobody can trip on them is best. This will allow your pup to grab a toy in his mouth when he hears someone entering the door. Running around with his toy will help release the excited energy he feels.
When training your Bulldog not to jump, your goal is to acquire a well-behaved adorable pup greeting you at your doorway. Jumping should not be exhibited and can actually be harmful to your fur-kid in the future. Some Bulldogs develop hip problems due to their size and shape, jumping can aggravate the situation. Keeping your Bulldog from jumping is highly recommended.