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Celebrities Who Own Bulldogs

Bulldogs are well-loved by their fur-parents due to their adorable faces, sweet nature, easy going personalities and their ability to get along with everyone. Many celebrities have fallen in love with their bullies who have become part of their lifestyle and family.
Adam Sandler had his loyal fur-baby Meatball attend his wedding. Adam and his family have owned two other bulldogs named Matzo Ball and Babu.
Singer Pink received her bulldog from her friend Lisa Marie Presley and affectionately named her sweet fur-baby Elvis.
Pete Wentz is the bass guitar player for the popular group Fall Out Boy, his bulldog Hemingway was the star of one of their music videos.
Mario Lopez and his wife now have two human children, but their first child was their adorable fur-baby named Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez. Julio is a big part of his human family and is sweet and friendly towards his human siblings.
The Jolie-Pitts travel the world with their six human children, but did you know they have a bulldog fur-baby that is part of their family? Their lovable fur-baby has been seen playing in the yard with his human siblings. He surely stays busy and enjoys lots of attention from the entire Jolie-Pitt family.
David and Victoria Beckham have two girl bulldogs named Scarlet and Coco. These two delightful fur-babies were their first daughters before their human daughter was born.
Jessica Biel and her husband Justin Timberlake have a fur-baby named East, who enjoys walking with his mom in their neighborhood.
Gloria Estefan has three Bullies who enjoy soaking up the sunshine at their home in Miami. Noelle, Isaac and Biggie are part of their talented human family.
The popular singer Adele walks her fur-baby in the busy streets of New York City. Her pooch is well traveled and has many stamps in his passport from traveling between London and the United States.
Singer John Legend and his beautiful wife Christy Teigen are the proud fur-parents of their sweet little Puddy.
Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers became a proud fur-dad when his bulldog Winston was given to him as an early Christmas gift.
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne adore their bulldog. Ozzy can even be seen kissing his fur-baby as he sits next to him all cozy and sweet.
Other celebrities who are proud fur-parents to bullies include Miley Cyrus, Charlize Theron, Will Smith, Shemar Moore, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kris Kristofferson, John Ham, Daisy Fuentes, Mischa Barton, Jay Baruchel and Olivia Wilde.
Coco Austin and her talented husband Ice T are the proud fur-parents to two bullies, a father and son duo, Spartacus and King Maximus. The bullies are photographed frequently and even have their own twitter page with 49.3 followers to date. They also have their own website and are the popular co-stars of the television show Ice Loves Coco. You can even purchase t-shirts, calendars and other merchandise with their pictures on them. At the moment, Spartacus and King Maximus are the most popular and frequently photographed bulldogs in the United States.
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